Effective way of Exception Handling in flutter

It is possible that some of you may misuse exception handling by using the "then" and "try-catch" statements together in a way that is not effective.
Published 1 month ago.
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Implementing Persistent Theme Change in Flutter Using Shared Preference and Provider

Discover how to easily implement persistent theme change in your Flutter app using the combination of Shared Preference and Provider. Improve user experience now!
Published 2 months ago.
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Mastering HTTP Calls in Flutter: An In-Depth Tutorial on Using Provider

Get a comprehensive understanding of how to make HTTP calls in Flutter using the Provider package in this in-depth tutorial. Learn how to call REST APIs and implement Provider to manage the state of your app.
Published 6 months ago.
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Building a Simple Counter App in Flutter: A Guide to Using Provider

Learn how to use the Provider package in Flutter to build a simple counter app in this informative article. Discover the basics of Provider and how to implement it in your app development.
Published 7 months ago.
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Making HTTP Calls in Flutter: A Guide to Calling REST APIs

This article will guide you through the process of making HTTP calls in Flutter. Learn how to call REST APIs and understand the fundamental concepts of HTTP requests and responses in Flutter app development.
Published 13 months ago.
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Flutter: Android Tool component missing

In this article, we will see how can we fix Android Tool component missing error. This error started coming after flutter 2.5.0 and above.
Published 17 months ago.
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Flutter: Pop up menu list view

This article teaches how to show pop menu for each list item in list view. This could be simple for intermediate but difficult for a beginner or junior developers.
Published 26 months ago.
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Creating a Multi-Level Dropdown Menu in Flutter: 2

Learn how to create a multi-level dropdown menu in Flutter using network data. Understand the basics of implementing a nested dropdown menu in your app and how to use it effectively with this in-depth guide.
Published 27 months ago.
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