Freelancing Common Question

Nitish Kumar Singh
Nitish Kumar Singh
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July 26, 2020

Freelancing Common Question

Freelancing is not only about getting the project from online websites like or You can get a project from anywhere on your own responsibility and that’s basically freelancing.

Freelancing is not only about good money. There are lots of responsibility and you need to take care of lots of things. For anything good and bad happens to the project, you will be asked.

Why freelancing is cool? #

In freelancing you get all the money that the client paid for the project. When you work for some as an employee you get a fixed salary irrespective of the project budget.

No doubt you earn but working less but on the other hand, there are lots of losses also.

Why freelancing is not good? #

It’s not stable, you might not get a project every day and you are waiting for the next client. You might not get money for a long time too.

After working if the project gets canceled and you get very little money for more work. There are various terms and conditions of every client and freelancer. So I will not say much but this kind of issue also happens.

Client Satisfaction is very important and if you argue with them then you can lose them for next time. You need lots of patience and politeness.

I don’t have lots of patience, So I hire assistance. But with time I learned to be patient.

Friendly Environment #

There is a direct relation with the client and you can make this very much professional or some friendly too.

Most of the time create a friendly environment, i.e we start recommending Netflix shows that you should watch this and that.

Questions #

Q 1. How the project budget is get decided?

Ans We see the number of hours is required for the development and based on that we charge the money.

Q 2. What will be the cost of adding features to a legacy website?

Ans Here it’s difficult to quote the money becurse first you need to understand their code and add the required feature or fix the bug.

I say the money will be decided based on the time and I also tell the rough idea. Remember if the amount is going very much more than a rough idea which has given earlier then tell the client before. At this point project might get cancel

Q 3. Who chooses the technology?

Ans These are three cases and it’s common, you will face all these because none of this is very rare.

  • The client will give you freedom, you can choose anything.
  • The client will say I subscribed to this and now got this limitation that your technology must support that service provider.
  • The client will say everything that I want to build using this technology.

Q 3. How to accept payment?

Ans In case of National payment you have various choices. In most of the case, the client is ready to put money directly into your bank. In case of international, I use PayPal but some client is ready to put money into the direct bank.

Q 3. Advance Payment

Ans Sometime freelancer gets paid advance but the client must have some strong reason to believe you. In other, freelancers get paid after the work or after the partial work.

This is totally based on trust and never force the client to pay advance. It’s about trust and if someone is not paying then they don’t trust you.

Q 3. What if the client cheat?

Ans It happens sometimes that client cheat with the freelancer

  • They will talk to you and get your suggestion on their project.
  • They will ask for demo work similar to their required work. They will say this we are checking if you could do or not.

I got cheated once but after 3 days of research and he came to the settlement.

Q 4. What should you not do?

Ans These are the things which I will recommend to anyone for a good freelancing career.

  • Get a document listing all the required features.
  • Never waste much time on Negotiation.
  • Don’t talk very long without getting any money.
  • Don’t talk about the money in between the project.
  • Don’t increase money for small changes.
  • Before starting the work get confirm from a client that additional feature will require more money (money will be decided based on the complexity)
  • Tell the client that software isn’t very much flexible and what you think might not be easy.

Focus on the project not on money because client happiness is in product and if the client gets happy then you will surely get more money today or next project tomorrow.

Conclusion #

Clients care about the project and they will talk more about it. The requirement may easily change and sometimes you might fulfill also. You need to clear with the client if you are not able to do that.

You should learn to say No instead of being money minded. Never think I will learn and build this. Never try your skill directly to the customer, it will affect your relationship. You might not get future work.

Money matters but never do lots of negotiation because you end up getting the project but the client will start to think you can anything for money.

Sometimes it’s better to lose the money when your work is not getting the right value.

I had cover whatever I remember and I had been asked in the past. If you have any questions leave in the comment.

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