Why you should learn firebase?

Firebase provides us all in one solution for frontend developers. We get ready made backend which we can

Learn Flutter by building real world application

Flutter app idea, an ultimate guide to learn flutter development by building mobile application.

What is RSS feed?

Lots of people are there who don't know about RSS Feed. Today I'll share with you what is RSS Feed? and Why it's important for bloggers.

Is PHP really going to die soon?

There are so many memes out there about the PHP that people underestimate the PHP. When it comes to someone who doesn’t know much about it also know to want to learn because…

Every developer should know these VS Code shortcuts

In this article I will be talking about the VS Code shortcuts which every developer must know. These are the shortcuts which is being used professional in their daily work.

Installing minikube

Today I was installing minikube and I found some error. Things are breaking very frequently and software are growing more and more everyday. We always need a updated solution.

Rolling back to previous deployment of Kubernetes

Today when I publish new verion of my app it stopped working. I was wondering how can I Rollback to prevision versions.

Delete all you facebook posts using Dev Tools

In this article I'll show you how you can use delete all your facebook posts using simple script. We will write some code in Dev Tool console and it will delete all the post one by one for us.


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