Deploy your website using gh-pages

In this article I'll show you how you can deploy can static website to Github pages using gh-pages library. It is mainly being used by static site builder but you can use for any website using HTML, CSS and JS.

Learn Laravel Middleware

In this article, we will understand the middleware. How does middleware work? What is the use of middleware? Why using middleware is a good practice?

Why do we need Middleware?

In this article we understand why we need Middleware, this is in general of backend. In amy backend you see there is middleware and I will talk about the real use of it. Is middleware is mandatory to use ?

Running raw SQL query in Laravel

In this article we will see how we can run raw sql query like vanilla/pure php.

Laravel upload files to Heroku

In this article we will see how we can upload the files to the heroku. When we deploy our website to heroku then it don't allow us to upload the files to the server.

Make your Laravel Project Live

It's time to make your project available on Internet but for free. You can't take you laptop to everyhwere and tell the people see, I made an awesome applicaiton. It's kind of impossible to take our computer everywhere. We need some free or cost efficient way of doing this.

Create vs forceCreate

forceCreate is something new which I came to know in Laravel. This is kind to forcing Laravel to create data in database forcefully.

You can do it without loop

As you know there are three ways of running loop in JavaScript.'for', 'while' and 'do while'. If we have any array or List we use array find something in edit or to do any transformation.


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