What is RSS feed?

Nitish Kumar Singh
Nitish Kumar Singh
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May 13, 2020

What is RSS feed?

I know most of you heard this word RSS Feed and some of you also might have idea about it! If you know what is RSS feed and why it’s important then this article is probably not for you.

Demystify RSS feed #

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Syndication means sharing or transferring. It’s called this because it makes Sharing very simple. Let’s suppose you like our(nstack.in) article and you want to get notified about all our article.

There are two more abbreviation of RSS which are popular.

  • Rich Site Summary
  • RDF Site Summary

RSS feed is to get notified about for blog and podcast without visit to the actual website. If anyone of you think this a web crawler then no it’s not a web crawler.

Owner of the make RSS Feed for their users to get the recent article/ podcast details.

How RSS Feed works? #

RSS feed is for the program which means it’s not very much human readable. There is RSS reader out there which will read RSS Feed for you. I will list some of the famous reader but before that let’s see how RSS feed looks like.

Why you need RSS feed? #

Supporting RSS feed will not going to cost you. You just a one new xml page with all your latest article/podcast details.

  • Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify collects newest episode from the RSS feed.
  • If you support RSS feed then possibly you will get some more audience because some popple still uses.

Therre are lot os reader out there. I will list top 3 reader for you. You can choose any of them can see them how it works

  • Feedly
  • The Old Reader
  • InoReader

When you need it? #

I will explain some of the problem which you face and RSS Feed can solve that for you. These are those problem which I know, If you anything new then please let us know in the comment.

Privacy #

Most of the Blog have a subscription form, which ask you email and sometimes your name also. Once you give your information to them. They start notifying about the new blog post.

There is no problem till now but sometimes later you see that you are getting some unwanted E-mails. You are wondering why I am getting this when I haven’t shared my number with anyone. Here is the problem you don’t know who is culprit, you gave your email to some blogger and now you wondering who sold your information.

Internet is slow #

You went to some blog to see if they posted something new or not. You found there isn’t anything new and you became sad because it took 10 seconds to load the page. You have some bunch of website and you are checking on all the sites one by one. You can imagine how tme consuming work is this.

You read blog or listen podcast frequently #

When you read blog, listen podcast regularly. It’s become important for you to be updated with their content. If you read one-two blog then it’s easy to check but when you have list of blogs then it’s difficult to check regularly.

Is RSS feed dead ? #

No, not completely but now a days internet is fast and people uses social media a lot. Instead of using RSS they simply like the page and start following them. Whenever blogger put any new content they share on their social medias.

But Blogger, podcast website, news website still uses it. It’s not dead but it’s not being used at scale also.

My blog have RSS Feed and if you would like to subscribe to our RSS Feed then you should follow this link.

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