Hello World #

Let’s start with simplest ever program. Hello World program is very simple program in programming.

In hello world program we try to show some kind of output to confirm the installation. In Hello world program we mainly define print some output which output make sure that everything is fine.

If you are using online EDITOR dartpad then you need not to worry about installation.

For Dart this is the simplest ever program and this program will make sure that you are confutable in writing dart code in your Editor.

void main(){
    print("Hello World!");

If you are able to run this program then you are ready to rock.

If you have any issue in installation or running the application then you can use Google little and bit. I’m sure Google will probably solve your issue.

If you aren’t able to solve the installation issue then do use Dartpad. It’s free and it’s available without any SignUp or Credit Card details.

DartPad is available at https://dartpad.dev/

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