Variables in Dart #

Unlike every programming language, dart has also variable. If you are new to programming then you might think variable as something which varies.

Variable is something which refer to some variable and it is label for the data.

Variable is label for the data, which means you can label any data. Data has been categories in the programming based on some property.

Primitives Data Types #

We need to tell what kind of data we want to store. These are some of the common/primitives data types. These data types are common in almost every programming language.

  • Integer (you can relate it to mathematics Integer number)
  • Double (you can relate it to rational number)
  • String (Combination of any possible character)
  • Boolean (It’s possible value is either True or False)
  • List (Collection of any data i.e matrix)

There is also num in dart which can hold integer as well as double. In short it’s combination of integer and double and can hold any number.

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