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Event Start Date : 01 Feb 2021

Fireabse with Flutter

This is a live training class where you can learn about the firebase with flutter. The training assumes that you have basic knowledge of flutter.

Introduction #

We will learn the concept by applying it to a real application. This means we will build a real-world application while learning this

We will be mainly focusing on core-concept, once you got the core-concept you can probably build anything.

What we will be building? #

We will be building an accounting application that will include most of the core concept. There will be some concept which I will be teaching after that.

Accounting App #

  • Create User
  • Edit Profile
  • Add Profile Pic for User
  • Add Transaction

These will be the main features, which will include most things.

We will be also talking about the security of databases and indexes.

Fee #

There will some student who is willing to learn but fee might be more for them. That’s why I always give discounts to them.

IndianRs. 799
Indian StudentRs. 499
Other Country$14.99
Other Country Student$9.99

Payment #

If you are Indian then making the payment will be easier for you as it’s going to be a National Transaction.

If you are non-Indian then for making payment, you can use PayPal. It’s one of the oldest international services for international Transaction.

PayPal Payment Link

You can contact us at this email