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Nitish Kumar Singh

I am currently learning some new technology. If you need any help you can contact me now. I'd happy to help you

Any additional changes to software will always require some extra cost.

You can hire me for you help, I'd happy to do so. I am having experience with the following technology to work in production level application.

If you want to discuss about your project to choose the right tool and technology. I can help you in that, I am having experience with various tools and technology. I can help choosing the best stack which will work for future run. I can help you in choosing stack based on your budgets also.

I can speak English and Hindi and my timezone is IST(GMT+5:30).

Technology and Tools
I am working with angular from last 3 year. I had build production app in Angular. I adopt the modern tools also like rxjs.
You can guarantee application with awesome UI. I had also experience for building awesome Admin Panel.
I am proficient at android development and doing from this for more than 4 years. I like the native app solution but now a days people prefer cross-platform solution like flutter/React Native because it's budget friendly.
Lots of things are still not possible in cross-platform solution, so you need this solution for very special case.
Google App Script
I have very good experience with Google App Script and developed some of the great application for clients.
If you have any specific problem and think Google App Script can solve it, then you should probably talk with me.
Google App Engine
I have deployed more than 10 website on App Engine for my clients. Website which I had deployed were on python, node.js, php. Google App Script is one best service by google to host our website for free*.
I like it very because of it's simplicity and flexibility, If you want to host your website and scale it in future without any headache, you must try Google App Engine.
I can write code from the scratch and build pixel perfect design. I can also help you in fixing the UI bugs. I have experience with lots of CSS framework and I can help you in customizing it based on your use case.
If you want to build a theme from scratch without using any CSS framework and which much support all the modern browser then you are at right place.
I use javascript everyday for building websites and servers. I have been writing code in JavaScript for more than 5 years. I still build small website using vanilla JavaScript.
I had worked with lots of JavaScript library and framework. I can help you in building website and Mobile Application using JavaScript.
I have more than 5 years of experience working with php. I had build website using vanilla php to the Popular Frameworks.
I have production grade experience with some of the popular PHP Frameworks :
  • Laravel
  • Code Igniter
I have more than 3 years experience of working with Node.js, I had worked with production grade applications. I can build modern web-api, web-api, web-scrapper etc using Node.js
I am doing flutter from it's Beta when it's was not available for production. I help flutter community everyday in writing the code.
I have more than 2 years of experience in Flutter. I made couple of videos on Flutter which is avaiable on my YouTube channel.
Firebase is something which I consider as my greatest strength. I feel so comfortable with firebase that I can work with it without even seeing google at once.
You can ask me almost anything about the firebase to me.
Google Cloud Platform
I can help you in deploying your application to the Google Cloud Platform. I can also help you in migrating to the Google Cloud from other Hosting Server/Cloud Platform.
Lot's of business today wants to containerization their application. We have deep understanding of Docker and also we have deployed some of the container at production.
I can build robust and highly scalable WEB API on different backend language. I can build token based API where API needs a token before accessing the resources.
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python