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Nitish Kumar Singh

I am Senior Software Enginner with a decade of experience, I have build serveral end to end application.


I am available for hire to assist you with your project. I have experience working with technology at a production level. I can also guide you in choosing the best technology stack for your project based on your budget and requirements. I am proficient in English and Hindi, and my time zone is IST (GMT+5:30).

My expertise includes a variety of technology and tools.
With 5 years of experience in android development, I am highly knowledgeable in the field. I have a preference for creating native apps but also acknowledge the increasing popularity of cost-effective cross-platform solutions like Flutter/React Native. It's worth noting that certain unique features may still require native app development.
With 6 years of expertise in JavaScript for both web and server development, I have a solid understanding of the language. My proficiency in building websites with vanilla JavaScript and experience with multiple libraries and frameworks make me a strong candidate to aid in creating websites and mobile applications using JavaScript.
Boasting 6 years of PHP development experience, I excel in creating websites using both core PHP and popular frameworks. My expertise in Laravel and CodeIgniter have resulted in a proven ability to deliver high-quality, production-level work.
With over 3 years of experience in Node.js, I have a solid background in working on production-level applications. I am proficient in creating modern web-apis, web-scrapers and other applications using Node.js.
I have been working with Flutter since its beta phase, providing support to the Flutter community through code writing and tutorials. With over 4 years of experience in Flutter, I have also produced several videos showcasing my expertise, which are available on my YouTube channel."
Google Cloud Platform
I specialize in deploying applications on Google Cloud Platform and can assist with migration from other hosting servers or cloud platforms.
I have been doing CI/CD from past 4 years for web projects and recently I have started doing ci/cd for mobile application also. One of the things to save developer time by automating the deployment.