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Nitish Kumar Singh

I am Senior Software Enginner with a decade of experience, I have build serveral end to end application.

Hello, my name is Nitish and I am a Flutter developer with over 5 years of experience.

During this time, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, including marketplace apps, Photo Editing apps, Educational apps, Accounting apps and many more. My expertise in the Flutter framework, coupled with my diverse project experience, has given me the skills and knowledge to develop high-performance, visually attractive mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

I am excited to bring my skills and experience to you and help build innovative, high-quality mobile apps.

Flutter Portfolio

In the past 5 years, I have worked on several projects where I have developed various features for different mobile apps. I would like to highlight some of the specific features I have worked on, rather than listing all the features of each app.

  • Acount App
  • Greetings n More
  • Gaba Inc.
  • Mental Wellness App
  • Tutubi B.V.

I have been involved in several more projects, all of which are still ongoing, and I don’t feel that I can take full credit for my contributions as I only developed some features for those applications.

Greetings n More

I developed this app from scratch as a freelancing project. I also created an administrative dashboard to manage the content of the mobile app.

Mobile App Features

  • Greeting Listing
  • Search
  • Dynamic Filter
  • Image Editor
  • Quotes Editor
  • Image Sharing
  • Push Notification
  • Dark and Light Theme Supprot
  • Update App Icon from Admin Panel (Icon on HomeScreen)


  • Flutter
  • Laravel
  • MySQL

Google Store Link Google Store Link

This mobile app is designed to make sending greetings to loved ones a breeze. The app features a comprehensive listing of greetings to choose from, and an intuitive search function to quickly find the perfect message. The app also includes a Dynamic Filter option, allowing users to easily sort through the greeting list based on various criteria.

The app also has an inbuilt Image Editor that allows users to personalize greetings with their own images, and a Quotes Editor that allows users to add their own quotes to the greeting.

Users can also easily share images and greetings with others via the app’s image sharing feature.

The app also supports push notifications and offers a choice of Dark and Light Theme.

Additionally, the app allows updating app icon from admin panel, giving the users the ability to change the icon on the home screen. Overall this app is a one-stop-shop for all your greeting needs.”

I developed an administrative interface for this mobile app, allowing for easy management and control of the app’s content and functionality.

The feature I am most proud of in this app is the Image Editor. Additionally, managing notifications for a large number of users was a new challenge for me and one I enjoyed tackling.


I worked as a remote developer for GABA Inc., a USA-based company. My primary responsibility was working on their internal app, which functioned as an administrative dashboard for the main app.

Mobile App Features

  • Chat
  • Service Booking
  • Profile Gamification
  • Splash and Onboarding

Internal App Features

  • Overflow of the App
    • I wrote lots of query to aggreate the data and get some sensable data.
  • I worte a dyanmic filter to filter the entity based on the paramters


  • Flutter
  • GraphQL
  • SQL
  • Node.js

One of my favorite features that I developed is the script that sends a welcome message from the Founder to all new users upon sign up.

Google Store Link Google Store Link

Introducing a cutting-edge mobile application that offers a seamless communication experience through its integrated chat feature. The app also allows users to book educational appointment services in a few simple steps.

The app takes user engagement to the next level with its Profile Gamification feature. Users can earn points and badges for completing certain actions within the app, adding a fun and interactive element to the user experience.

The app also has a sleek Splash and Onboarding feature to provide a visually appealing welcome to new users and guide them through the app’s features and functionality. Overall, this app is designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Tutubi B.V.

I am founding member at Tutubi B.V.and I made most of the features here.

Mobile App Features

  • Chat
  • Service Booking
  • Localization
  • Payment Gateway
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Push Notification
  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Firebase Remote Config
  • Deeplink/ Dynamic Link
  • Switch Kill Feature
  • Flutter Web App


  • Flutter
  • CI/CD (codemagic)
  • Firebase
  • Node.js

My Preferred Features: I implemented more than just text/image sharing. The chat function has the ability to perform dynamic actions such as sharing services, making reservations, and sharing location. The app also displays a dynamic user interface for these features.

Customer App

Google Store Link Google Store Link Google Store Link

Service Provider App

Google Store Link Google Store Link

This mobile app is a feature-rich application that offers seamless service booking. The app also has a secure payment gateway integrated.

With Firebase Analytics, the app tracks user behavior and provides insights. The app also has push notifications and Firebase Crashlytics for troubleshooting any issues. Firebase Remote Config enables dynamic app updates.

Deeplink/Dynamic Link allows users to share the app easily.

The app also has a flutter web app version which can run on web browsers. The app is built using Flutter, and the development process is streamlined with CI/CD (codemagic).


I am using video and image of respective client and company to showcase my work. I don’t own any of these assets and It’s only being used of representational purpose.

If any of the above assets should be removed becuase of any reason. Please write me at my email and I'll remove the it ASAP.