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Nitish Kumar Singh

I am your flutter developer with last 4 years of experience.

I start working with flutter when it was in beta version.

Flutter Portfolio

I have been working with flutter for last 4 years. Before that I have worked with native Development(Java) for a year.

These are the projects which I made in past 4 years. I’ll only mention those featuer which I made in the app, I have not all listed all the features of the app.

Greetings n More

This was a freelancing projects and I made this app from scratch. I also made the admin dashboard to mange the mobile app content.

Mobile App Features

  • Greeting Listing
  • Search
  • Dynamic Filter
  • Image Editor
  • Quotes Editor
  • Image Sharing
  • Push Notification
  • Dark and Light Theme Supprot
  • Update App Icon from Admin Panel (Icon on HomeScreen)


  • Flutter
  • Laravel
  • MySQL

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My Faviorite Feature: Image Editor is feature, I am most of proud of in this app, also handling Notification for more than thousands user was new for me.


GABA Inc. was USA based company and I worked as remote developer here. I mostly worked on the their internal app. The Internal app was like admin dashboard for the main app.

Mobile App Features

  • Chat
  • Service Booking
  • Profile Gamification
  • Splash and Onboarding

Internal App Features

  • Overflow of the App
    • I wrote lots of query to aggreate the data and get some sensable data.
  • I worte a dyanmic filter to filter the entity based on the paramters


  • Flutter
  • GraphQL
  • SQL
  • Node.js

My Faviorite Feature: I wrote a script which used to send a welcome message to all the new signup user from Founder

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Tutubi B.V.

I am founding member at Tutubi B.V.and I made most of the features here.

Mobile App Features

  • Chat
  • Service Booking
  • Localization
  • Payment Gateway
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Push Notification
  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Firebase Remote Config
  • Deeplink/ Dynamic Link
  • Switch Kill Feature
  • Flutter Web App


  • Flutter
  • CI/CD (codemagic)
  • Firebase
  • Node.js

My Favorite Features: I made the more than a text/image sharing feature. The Chat can do few dynamic things like, sharing services, booking, location. The app will show dyanmic ui for that.

Customer App

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Service Provider App

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I am using video and image of respective client and company to showcase my work. I don’t own any of these assets and It’s only being used of representational purpose.