Hello World

I am Nitish Kumar Singh from INDIA 🇮🇳. People call me self taught programmer but I always say Internet taught me everything. I studied everything myself but Internet help me overtime. So, I am Internet taught programmer, Internet taught me everything. Being more specific indirectly most of the blogger and YouTuber taught me programming.

I am currently pursing Graduation at Lovely Professional University, INDIA 🇮🇳. My graduation will be completed in coming year April 2021. I am part-time freelancer, youtuber and blogger and full-time Student.

Learning Journey

2020iOS Development, GraphQL, Static Sites Generation
2019iOS Development, Flutter, GraphQL
2018PWA, Flutter, Vue.js, React
2017Angular, Android, React, React Native
2016Java Swing, Android, Angular
2015Java, Android
2014Java, php
….Basic Programming

It’s difficult to mention the exact path but as far as I remember this is my learning Journey.

I am learning programming since my Fifteen when I was not having Personal Computer. I use to think these software are build and can I build one for me.


ProjectMore about itTech Used
API Generator (Web App)It was an app which generator API endpoint for the frontend developer without any coding.JavaScript, MongoDB
Online Chat application (Web App)The purpose of the application was to vanish the history once get closed. So there were no database. I was using socket to share the message among the users.Socket, JavaScript
Document Sharer (Web App)I made this program to share the documents (one paige source code) with friends without any AuthenticationNode.js, Serverless
Quiz Application (Mobile App)I made this program, in my university there are lots of examination based on quiz(multiple choice question). We use this application before exam to practice.Flutter, Firebase

Some of these application were Live for some months and some of are still live.

Digital Footprints

If you need help any help or assistance you can connect with me via any above medium or contact form

I had helped more than One Million Learners via Blogging and Videos.

If you see me somewhere and wanna say hi. Don’t hesitate to talk, I love talking to people about technologies.