Node.js Overview #

In this course you will learn about fundamental of node.js. This course can be also called as Node.js 101.

What is Node.js? #

Node.js is JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript (programming language) code outside a web browser.

Understanding definition #

Now you there is two terms which which is new and some of you might not be familiar with these two terms.

  • JavaScript It is programming language and in earlier days we use it in building website more interactive and dynamic at frontend level.
  • runtime environment In early days JavaScript doesn’t work out of the browser. So to run it outside we created a environment that browser like environment outlies the browser.

If you don’t understand the runtime here then also it’s not a big deal because there are lots of programmer who don’t understand the runtime but make good application.

Prerequisites #

As I told you earlier also it’s for absolute beginner which simply means I am not going to skip any of the concepts.

No prerequisite

Anyone can follow this course who have access to the internet and a machine(laptop) with a Operating System (OS) which support Node.js.

If you are having any of the below Operating System then you will not face any problem in folioing this course.

  • Mac OS
  • Windows
  • Linux
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