Flutter Select Item of List

Selecting multiple items using tap or long-press is a very common feature and you can probably find this in most of the utility apps.

Multi-Level dropdown in a flutter - Part 2

In this part, I made this multi-level dropdown from network data. I got requests for this a lot compared to any other article.

Multi-Level dropdown in a flutter - part 1

We have seen multi-level dropdown in various applications, when one dropdown depends on another dropdown then we call it as a multilevel dropdown.

Flutter: Everything you need to know Dropdown

In this article we will make dropdown and go deeper into it. I will try to cover most of the things which you need to know

Flutter : Save page state when using bottom Nav

In this article, I will solve one of the common problem. The problem is, when they switch between two pages using bottom navigation it doesn't keep the state of the page.